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Live streaming is here to stay

We all got used to virtual meetings during the pandemic. Many of us worked from home and stepped up our technology to allow us to do business from our homes.

Instead of attending events during the pandemic, we attended online concerts, attended conferences virtually, and sought other entertainment online. While many events are back in person, online live streaming is here to stay. Watch any news show, and we now see interviews with newsmakers and pundits using virtual software.

Melius Terra has produced hundreds of hours of live streaming and has decades of broadcast experience. Our software of choice allows for streaming to multiple online locations with the ability to have multiple guests from several locations anywhere there is reliable internet. Viewers can ask questions by leaving a comment. Social media comments are aggregated in real-time into our software and can easily be presented on-screen.

If you're planning a conference or other event, Melius Terra can provide seamless integration for in-person and virtual participants for hybrid events. We can stream events in a closed or public environment. Events can be 100 percent virtual or involve a virtual and live location with multiple cameras.

Melius Terra can help with one-time and annual events and recurring live productions. We can use the same technology to pre-record content for delivery.

If you think live streaming is right for you, contact Melius Terra. We'd love to discuss your plans and provide a free, no-obligation quote.



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