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Digital doesn't have to be difficult.

We would love to help you with your digital needs. We have five steps for success.​

  1. We’ll meet with you. Every client is unique. We’ll meet to discuss your needs and get to know you better. Our first meeting is always free, and there is no obligation.

  2. We’ll come up with a plan. Our initial plan will be tailored to meet your objectives. It will outline a path forward with timelines and the cost. We’ll listen to your feedback on our plan and change it based on your input because we know our clients are the experts. If you want to hire us, great! If not, you can keep the plan and find the path that works for you.

  3. We’ll execute the plan. We’ll deliver what we agreed upon and keep working with you to ensure it is correct and delivering ready-to-deliver results.

  4. We’ll make sure it is working. We won’t abandon you. We’ll continue working with you to make sure everything works

  5. We’ll show you how to take over, or you can hire us to help you. If everything is working great, you can thank us, and we’ll ensure you know how to keep it all running. If you don’t have time or don’t feel like doing it, we can discuss a maintenance plan to ensure it keeps ticking.

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Meet the Team

Photo of Ian Roach
Ian Roach

I remember one day when I was in grade seven. I showed up at school, and there was something new in our classroom. There was a Commodore Pet at the back, an early desktop computer with a green screen that ran computer programs written in BASIC. I stayed after school to check it out. I was mesmerized. There was a tape drive, and I would have to hit play on it now and then to load a bit of code to play a simple text-based game. I thought I was on the bridge of the Enterprise. So much so that when I looked at the clock, it was 7 p.m. I hurried home to a stern talking to and a grounding.
Later that same year, I remember an afternoon when the principal of our school interrupted our French class. He entered the room and announced, “President Reagan had been shot.” My class gathered around a TV in our classroom and watched live coverage of the assassination attempt. Looking back, I think this solidified my love for journalism.
In high school, I started volunteering at the local cable station. I would work a camera every Thursday night to cover the local hockey game and every other Monday for the city council.
I love technology and media. For over three decades, I’ve worked on both sides of the camera. Every year as technology improves, the tools available to share stories get more accessible and complicated simultaneously.
I love working with clients to find the right combination of technology and message to meet their goals.
As part of the Melius Terra team, I bring decades of experience in journalism, social media management, project management, and video production. I’m always excited about the next project clients bring to us. We’re ready to make your idea a reality.


Were you looking for my qualifications? You can check me out on LinkedIn.

Photo of Debra Haubrich
Debra Haubrich

As a former administrator of Kinsmen Telemiracle, Debra has vast social media experience and exceptionally strong event-planning abilities. These skills, combined with her knack for staying organized and her love of the oxford comma, are integral to Melius Terra’s success. With her background, Debra knows the actual social media secret: being able to wordsmith a social media post is only a fraction of the picture. Understanding your audience, knowing when to post, and finding the perfect photo to enhance your message is all key to social media success.

With a degree in education, Debra can help you understand the nuances of effectively communicating with an audience, whether designing a crisis communications plan or a digital marketing post.


When Debra is not busy helping clients and keeping the rest of the Melius Terra team on track, she spends her time doing jigsaw puzzles, camping, and hanging out with her three kids.

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