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Fire. Severe Weather. Internal Fraud. Zombies.

No matter the crisis, we can prepare you to tell people all about it. Especially if there are zombies. Nobody handles a zombie crisis better than us.

You don't need to have sleepless nights wondering how your organization would respond after a crisis. We can help you craft a crisis communications plan and show you how to use it. Let's hope you'll never need to use it but if you do, you'll be prepared.

Here's some more good news. You can chose between three different ways to get your crisis communications plan.

Take a course as part of a group

About three times a year, we offer our crisis communications planning course in person, as in intensive 5 day program. We pick various host cities based on demand. This course has a maximum class size of 6 organizations at a time. At the end of the course, your crisis communications plan should be ready to go! Check here for upcoming courses.

Cost: $1,495 CAD Additional person from same organization: $250 CAD

Build your own plan using our online course

Ready to build your own crisis communications plan online? Our course will guide you through all the steps to have your plan ready on your own schedule. More...

Cost: $595 USD, around $795 CAD

Let us make a plan for you

We can make the plan for you! We'll consult with you intensively to determine your needs, then draft a crisis communications plan to meet your needs. We'll consult with you every step of the way and deliver to you a turn-key plan, ready for you to implement.

Cost: Approximately $2,995.00 CAD

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a crisis communications plan?

We think you need to have a crisis communications plan and we hope you never have to use it! More organizations are at risk because of not being able to react quick enough to protect their brand. This is even more the situation as social media becomes a greater influence. In the event you have a crisis, activating a plan and knowing how to proceed will save precious time and help you make sure your messaging is appropriate.

Will this help me with my emergency procedures?

No. The crisis communications plan does not help you resolve actual emergencies or crisis. The plan helps you to frame how you tell people about it after the crisis, or in some scenarios, while the crisis is ongoing.

How can you make a plan for me when you don't know what I do?

Our crisis communications plan is a framework robust enough to deal with virtually any crisis, including a zombie apocolypse. Also, some of the early work in making your plan will be to look at your industry and research how others have responded when crisis occurred. We can learn a lot from what others did right and wrong.

How much work do I have to do?

The amount of work required depends on what service you choose. If you do our online course, you're in for a lot of work - but we will provide you with all the templates you need. If you come to a course in person, there will still be a lot of work, but you can bounce ideas off the instructors and fellow participants. If you ask us to make the plan for you, we'll do all the hard work. You can expect to spend around 8 hours with us, asking lots of questions and going over the finished plan with you.

We’re Awesome, but don’t just take our word for it!

We really appreciate the professional product and client attention from Melius Terra.  Its clear when you see what they produce, they have the ability to manage social media and video production needs.  More importantly, Ian and Deb look at your company and LISTEN to what you need.  They build around that.  That's the real value with Melius Terra.

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Let us help you make your crisis communications plan. Contact us today for more information. We can help you decide what plan is right for you.

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