Our Team

As a previous organizer of Kinsmen Telemiracle, Debra has vast social media experience and
exceptionally strong event-planning abilities. These skills, combined with her knack to stay organized and her love of the oxford comma, are integral to Melius Terra’s success. With her background, Debra knows the real social media secret: being able to wordsmith a social media post is only a fraction of the picture. Understanding your audience, knowing when to post, and finding the perfect photo to enhance your message is all key to social media success. With a degree in education, Debra can help you understand the nuances of effectively communicating to an audience, whether it’s designing a crisis communications plan or a digital marketing post. When Debra is not busy helping clients and keeping the rest of the Melius Terra team on track, she spends her time doing jigsaw puzzles, camping, and hanging out with her three kids.


Co-Owner: "The Organized One"

Debra Haubrich

Ian is best described by one word: awesome. He spent over two decades working in journalism,
television production, and the non-profit sector. During that time, he worked as a news director,
reporter, and producer, giving him valuable insight into all the different aspects of communicating with media. Because of his rounded experience, Ian is phenomenal at crafting high-quality social media content and can soundly advise any business in developing a crisis communication plan. Through his time working in the non-profit sector, Ian experienced first hand the power of social media to bring forth positive change. Now, Ian wants to use social media to change your business for the better. When Ian is not busy working for his clients, you can find him SCUBA diving with his son or parked in front of the TV watching formula 1 races on Sunday mornings.


Co-Owner: "The Creative One"

Ian Roach

As a computer engineer-in-training, a creative writer, and an artist, Jessi brings a unique mash-up of skills to the Melius Terra team. Her technical and artistic abilities make her a one-of-a-kind graphic artist: not only can she whip up a design, but she can also implement it into a website or social media post. Aside from creating digital art, Jessi is also a seasoned creative writer. She has extensive training in writing, including the Sage Hill program and university-level communications classes that she took 'for fun’. Combined with her keen eye for detail and her mild obsession with correct grammar, Jessi is fantastic at crafting clearly written messages. Her ability to write and her ability to create digital art makes her ideal for producing great social media content for any business. When Jessi isn’t working or studying, she can be found running around the city playing the trombone.

Content Creator: "The Jack-Of-All-Trades"

Jessi Lipoth