Crisis Communications Planning


A crisis can happen at any time and dealing with it includes communicating what happened. While everyone wants to avoid a crisis, it is best to be prepared. Melius Terra can help you create a crisis communications plan to meet your needs.

We have three different options:

  • Build your own Crisis Communications Plan using our online course (coming soon)

  • Attend an in-person course

  • One-on-one consulting - we will build work closely with you and make your crisis communications plan for you

No matter how you do it, our plans are comprehensive, flexible, practical, and designed to be used in virtually all scenarios. No matter what plan you choose, all of them will leave you with a plan that you're ready to use if the need arises.  All our plans include:


  • Understand why you need a crisis communications plan

  • Understand how to execute a plan and make communications decisions

  • Guidelines to help avoid a crisis of your own making

  • Know what to say and when to say it


  • A Crisis Communications Kit with all the documents you need.

  • Digital templates of all the documents you'll need during a crisis

  • To-do checklists customized for your needs

  • Media contact list for your area

We hope you'll never have to use your crisis communications plan, but knowing you have one ready will provide you with peace of mind.

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